Changing how we travel

How we get around affects our health and our climate.
37% of the ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions in Oxfordshire come from transport 
– cars, buses, trucks and more. There are also other air pollutants that cause all sorts of health problems. Using a car less is a way to get healthy and help cut air pollution as well as doing the right thing for our climate.

If you know what you want to do, simply click here to record your action, or consider some of these ideas.

Your first action:

Choose one journey a week that you make regularly by car (going somewhere and coming back) and find another way to travel – by bus, train, cycle or on foot.  Google Maps can usually offer ways to complete journeys by public transport.

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Next steps:

If you’ve got used to travelling by car then it may be time to think about all the other ways to get around.

  • Discuss how to use the car less with other people in your household – work out which journeys can be made most easily by other means – get a bus map and use it
  • If you have a bicycle, set a target to cycle at least four days a week (this will be good for your health!)
  • Walking local journeys is also good for your health – set a walking target of 7000 steps a day (apps to measure your paces can be downloaded for your phone).
  • Is there a way in which you can start car sharing? This could be from home or at  your workplace.
  • If you’ve not got a bicycle – then get one!
  • If you’re nervous about cycling, get some help. The Broken Spoke cycle group offer support and training. Oxford’s main cycling group, Cyclox can also offer advice and run rides and other events.

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 Taking it further – set your own actions and tell us about them!

Getting around without using petrol or diesel is a contribution to clean air and saving energy. If you’re already making changes can you develop this?

  • Could you do without a car by joining a local car club – some offer electric cars.
  • The biggest part of many people’s ‘carbon footprint’ – their annual emissions – comes from flying. Can you plan a holiday that involves ferries and trains rather than planes?
  • Cyclists get sweaty: does your workplace have a changing room and shower for cyclists? If not, ask the management to invest in one.
  • If you are worried about the safety of cycling for children, why not get together with others and ask for cycle training at your children’s school?
  •  Make your next car an electric car – petrol and diesel are going to be phased out, so look to the future.

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