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This is the page where you can record what you’ve done or what you’re going to do.  If you’re not sure yet what you want to act on, go to ‘Making Change Happen’ and choose from one of the issues linked to that page. The actions that we suggest are listed below – click on the button to record your choice or you can add you own action at the bottom.   REMEMBER – You can take as many actions as you like. Come back often and record what you are doing.

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    First step: Try meat-free meals twice a week - search ‘Meat-Free Mondays’ for inspiration Next steps: Cut your food waste – make and stick to shopping lists, plan your meals and use leftovers - see 'Love Food Hate Waste' for ideas Taking it further: Buy locally-produced food whenever possible - try shopping at farmers’ markets
    First step: Go without the car - change one journey a week and try the train, bus, cycling or walkingNext steps: Cycle or walk more and encourage your friends and family to do the same – get on your bike (and get it repaired if need be)Taking it further: Join a car club or car-sharing scheme - or join Cyclox, Oxford's cycling group
    First step: Replace any old incandescent or halogen bulbs in your home or office. They're now banned from sale because they're energy wasters.Next steps: Commit to save - check your electricity (and maybe gas) bill, and resolve to save 10% by cutting energy waste – involve everyone in your household in simply wasting less energy.Taking it further: Go for renewable energy: invest in solar electricity, solar water heating, or a 'heat pump' as an alternative to a gas boiler.
    First step: Say NO to unnecessary plastic bags, plastic straws and water bottles. Get your own reusable bottle and travelling tea/coffee cup.Next steps: ‘Deplastic’ your shower or bathroom – find the alternatives that mean less / no plastic.Taking it further: Help create a plastic-free community.
    First step: Switch to a green energy supplier using an online switching site - many people save up to £200 a year!Next steps: Check where your pension/savings are - simply ask the company how far it is invested in businesses with high environmental standardsTaking it further: Change where your pension and other savings are invested - support getting your money out of damaging pollution and into clean energy
    Making change happen
    First step: Attend an environmental event near you! There are activities all over the county (page has contacts)Next steps: Contact your councillors or MP asking them for stronger action on climate (topics change)Taking it further: Join a local group or set one up!
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