Make a difference with your money

Your money can help bring about positive environmental and social change.  Making good choices on your energy supplier and your pension, savings or investments can go a long way – saving and hopefully making you money – and driving change for the better.

Our pensions and savings are invested in businesses – we should look to invest in the companies and projects that are making a positive difference, and avoid those causing environmental damage.

OxToCC invites you to make a change or two. If you know what you want to do, simply click here to record your action.

If you’re still thinking about what to do, here are some ideas:

Your first action   

  • Switch your electricity and gas to a green energy supplier – many people are saving up to £200 a year doing this. You can do this online using an energy comparison and switching site. The Oxford Big Clean Switch site offers a choice of eight green energy suppliers and makes switching very simple. Click here  to record your action.

Next steps

If you’ve already switched to a green energy supplier – good work! There are more actions that you can take to make your money work harder for positive change.

  • Check what your pension and savings are invested in – which companies? Contact your pension or financial service provider and ask how far it is invested in businesses with high environmental standards. Click here  to record your action.

Taking it further – set your own actions and tell us about them!

  • Change where your pension is invested – support getting your money moved out of damaging pollution and into clean energy. If you’re in a public pension scheme, join the fossil fuel divestment movement e.g. Fossil Free Oxfordshire 
  • Make your money work harder through positive investment and savings e.g. via Ethex, an Oxford-based not-for-profit organisation or the Oxfordshire Low Carbon Hub that invests in community-owned energy projects. Both give good rates of return.
  • Switching your bank account may sound like a big move, but it’s a very positive step.  The bank leading the way on ethical and sustainable banking is Triodos .

Click here  to record your action.