Make your New Year resolution for your planet!

It has never been clearer – we have to act urgently to tackle climate change. Start your 2019 by making a commitment to a safe future.

Climate change needs action by governments, by businesses, by councils and by all of us.  Oxfordshire Together on Climate Change invites you to play your part.

Whether you’re making your first moves or looking to step it up further, you can take positive action in four key areas.  Choose the one that interests you and click to get some ideas.

The food we eat has a climate impact. We don’t need to change everything we eat immediately, and it’s easy to introduce new foods over time.  Find out how you can make a difference by changing what you eat here.

How we travel affects our environment, our health and our climate.  Find out how you can make some changes and get healthy here.

Money matters too! What we do with our money can make a real difference. To find out more click here.

Getting involved doesn’t need to be a chore. There’s lots going across Oxford and the county, from planting trees to chasing up politicians to let them know you want to see them act – check out the Making Change Happen page.

We invite everyone in Oxfordshire to get together and make an impact.  We’re aiming for 10,000 actions – what will yours be?