Money matters too!

Money matters too!What we do with our money can make a real difference.  Where we buy our energy, how we invest our savings and how we support local businesses all matter. Switching to a green energy supplier is a first step that can save you money, but investing in a climate-friendly way also matters – to find out more click here.

Making change happen

Getting involved in looking after our environment doesn’t need to be a chore. There’s plenty of practical and enjoyable activities happening across Oxford and the county.   or contact your MP or councillors to let them know you want to see more action from them.

There’s many ways to get active and make a difference – check out the Making Change Happen page.

Travelling and change

How we get around affects our environment, our health and our climate. Emissions from cars, trucks, buses and more are the biggest source of greenhouse gases in Oxfordshire, and vehicle pollution is a major health issue.  Cutting motor vehicles journeys may seem difficult but more and more people are cycling or taking the bus or the train.  Find out how you can make some changes and get healthy here

Food – Making a difference through what we eat

The food we eat has a climate impact. We need to think more about what we eat and make some changes. We don’t need to  change everything we eat immediately, and it’s easy to introduce new foods over time.

Globally, food production is responsible for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, is the most important single threat to biodiversity and is responsible for very significant environmental pollution.Find out how you can make a difference by changing what you eat here