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It has never been clearer – we need to act urgently to tackle climate change. That means action by governments, by businesses, by councils and by all of us.

Oxford Together on Climate Change invites you to play your part. We’ve got ideas on how you can act on any of six key issues. Whether you’re making your first moves or looking to step it up further, choose the one that interests you and click below to get some ideas.



The food we eat has a climate impact. Find out how you can make a difference by changing what you eat here.
We all use energy and we can all make some changes. Click here to get started.
How we travel affects our environment, our health and our climate. Find out how you can make some changes and get healthy here.
Single-use plastics are polluting our world. You can help cut the waste – make a start here.
Money matters too! What we do with our money can make a real difference. To find out more click here.
Getting involved doesn’t need to be a chore. There’s lots going across Oxford and the county – check out the Making Change Happen page

We invite everyone in Oxfordshire to get together and make an impact. We’re aiming for 10,000 actions – what will yours be?

Oxford Together on Climate Change has been started by eight local organisations – we’d like to have more involved. Find out who we are and get in touch here.


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Latest Actions Taken


Next steps: Cycle or walk more and encourage your friends and family to do the same – get on your bike (and get it repaired if need be)

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First step: Go without the car - change one journey a week and try the train, bus, cycling or walking

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Next steps: Commit to save - check your electricity (and maybe gas) bill, and resolve to save 10% by cutting energy waste – involve everyone in your household in simply wasting less energy.

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Taking it further: Help create a plastic-free community.

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Taking it further: Buy locally-produced food whenever possible - try shopping at farmers’ markets

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Taking it further: Change where your pension and other savings are invested - support getting your money out of damaging pollution and into clean energy

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